Credit Cards

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards – Please contact our Credit Card Services Department immediately at 800/237-8211 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for your protection.
Check out 1st Community FCU’s VISA Platinum credit card program with the following benefits to enhance your lifestyle:
  • On-line Credit Card Application
  • click here for complete Credit Card Disclosure
  • No Annual Fee or Cash Advance Fee
  • Balance Transfer– one-time balance transfer promotional rate 2.95% APR*
  • Go to Rates after 6 months as LOW as 8.95% APR*
  • Design Your Own Card for a small fee; or
  • Choose one of our 12 FREE Card Choices
  • Access Credit Card Account information on-line
  • Secure Lock – Click here to register or log in to EZ Card to add or confirm your contact information in order to receive fraud alerts by text, voice or email. Please respond immediately to confirm if it is or is not fraud.
  • Rewards Option– including merchandise, airline tickets, and/or statement credit. Now available – Partial Redemption Option.  If you have at least 50% of the points needed for your purchase you can now pay the balance of the purchase with your 1CFCU Platinum VISA Rewards credit card.  As a bonus you are also earning points on the amount you paid for with your credit card.
  • VISA Checkout– the easier way to shop online!
  • Verified by VISA – we take Internet security seriously!  Verified by VISA will now use an automatic risk model to learn cardholder patterns and behaviors to help detect fraudulent activity.
  • Automatic Bill Updater – is a service that will provide card number and expiration date updates to merchants who maintain card records on their system, typically for recurring customer payments.  This will also work when your card is replaced due to fraud or loss and you have a totally new card number.  Members have the option to opt out of this feature.
  • Credit Insurance
  • Convenient Payment Methods – on-line, by mail, automatic payment or over the counter at the credit union
  • Introductory Rates 2.95% APR* on purchases made in first 90 days after account opening
  • Go To Rates after 6 months as LOW as 8.95% APR*
  • 25-day Grace Period on Purchases Only
  • Same Rate for Cash Advances and Purchases
  • EMV chip-enabled
  • works with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay
  • Transaction cut-off dates on statements will vary due to new regulations, holidays, and number of days in the month
  • Toll-Free # on the back of your card to check your balance or verify payments or transactions on your card
  • Daily Spend Limits – 10 transactions per day / $10,000 daily total / $510 daily ATM limit with a minimum advance of $100 / $1,500 daily cash advance (or 50% of the approved credit limit, whicever is less) with a minimum advance of $100.

If your card is Lost or Stolen, please call toll free 800/237-8211 immediately


Benefit Details:

    • On-line Credit Card Application– Apply anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will personally respond to your application no later than the next business day.
      • No Annual Fee or Cash Advance Fee – get cash anywhere the VISA logo is displayed and cash advances are available for no advance fee / minimum $100 maximum $1500 per day
      • No ATM Transaction Fee for a Cash Advance at any 1st Community ATM – minimum advance $100 / maximum $500
      • Balance Transfer – one-time promotional rate balance transfer as LOW as 2.95% APR processed by the Credit Union
      • Design Your Own Card– Personalize your card with your favorite photograph of your choice for a small fee. Image design guidelines are available; just click on the design your own card link. You will need to be approved for a credit card and be assigned your card number before you design your own card. Answers to frequently asked questions are available; just click on the design your own card link; or
      • Choose one of our 12 FREE Card Choices – You will choose your design once your credit card application is approved.
      • Access Credit Card Account information on-line– Access your account anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All your credit card activity available to you when you need it and the option to make your payments on-line.
      • Rewards – There are several reward options available with our Rewards program card.
      • Every $1 in Net Retail Sale = 1 point. This includes gas, merchants, Internet, restaurants, etc. Does not include ATM transactions, Cash Back at the Merchant or Cash Advances.
      • Householding Points – you and your family members in your household can choose to combine your points.
      • Points for Cash Back to be used as a statement credit towards your balance – The credit is not a payment- you will still need to make your scheduled payment by the due date if you take advantage of the statement credit. Points needed Cash Back Award Percent Cost per Point. 2,000 min – $10.00 – 0.50% $0.0050 5,000 – $30.00 – 0.60% $0.006 10,000 – $70.00 – 0.70% $0.0070 15,000 – $125.00 – 0.83% $0.0083 20,000 – $175.00 – 0.88% $0.0088
      • Points for Air Travel – 45,455 points – $500 ticket value
      • Merchandise – 100 points = $1.00
      • Special Merchant Offers – 100 points = $1.00
Points expire after 6 years. First in/first out. No cap on # of points to earn. Email blast for special offers – gas, travel, restaurants, e-commerce purchase. “Scoremore” option – local merchant points.
    • VISA Checkout– the easier way to shop online! Once your card is registered it speeds your online purchases because your mailing and shipping addresses and card information are ready to transmit without re-entering when you click on the VISA Checkout logo.
    • Verified by VISA– We Take Internet Security Seriously! Our cardholder service has advanced authentication. Upon your first log in, you will be prompted to choose an image, a caption and four challenge questions to establish your personalized security settings that we will use to help authenticate you when you are making online Internet purchases.
    • Credit Insurance available at your option – Credit Life and Credit Disability insurance both available at reasonable rates without any health questions.
    • Convenient Payment Methods – on-line, by mail, automatically transfer payments from your 1CFCU Checking or Savings account, or over the counter at the credit union
    • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Android Pay – allow you to provision your card on your mobile device and use your mobile device to securely and conveniently pay for your purchases at participating merchants
    • Secure Lock – our fraud prevention program that uses SMS/Voice/Email to provide real-time fraud alerts to help stop credit card fraud.  Text messages will be sent from 7 am to 10 pm in your time zone. Calls will be sent from 8 am to 9 pm in your time zone. Emails are sent out 24 hours a day. There are some restrictions – Canadian residents will only receive Texts and Emails. We are unable to send Texts and make international calls but we can send Emails. There will be a representative available 24/7 to respond to your alerts. No enrollment is required.  Your card is enrolled automatically.
* Annual Percentage Rate – further details on features above will be provided in credit card disclosures Current ELAN VISA card holders – Click Here to take advantage of our new VISA platinum and pay off your old ELAN card Some members may currently have a VISA card issued prior to January 1, 2014, with 1st Community’s logo on it. Back in 2004 1st Community sold our credit card portfolio to Town North Bank who later became ELAN. We have terminated our relationship with ELAN and the cards under their program will no longer carry the 1st Community logo when they are reissued. Two pieces of information ELAN card holders may need:
    • If your ELAN credit card is Lost or Stolen please call 800/558-3424 immediately, 24 hours a day to protect you from liability
    • – is still available to make a payment, check your balance or verify the transactions on your ELAN VISA credit card