Credit Cards

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards – Please contact our Credit Card Services Department immediately at 800/749-1465 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for your protection. Disputed Charges – call 800/808-6402 from 7:00 am – 1:00 am CST. Outside these hours you are able to leave a message and receive a case number for a call back.  ATM Transaction Disputes – call 800/749-1465 or 325/653-1465 immediately.
For All other Credit Card issues – call 866/664-9364
  • Card Activation
  • Blocking Card – Lost, Stolen & Fraud
  • Block Removal
  • Mobile Wallet Provisioning
  • PIN – Remove Bad Attempts – the card is blocked after three invalid PIN tries.  You must call to remove the invalid attempts.
  • PIN – Clue Mailer – if you forget your PIN, a Clue PIN Mailer can be mailed. (if you need immediate PIN reset, you will need to visit one of our 8 branch offices)
  • Transaction Research Inquiries
  • Travel Exclusions – call and let us know where and when you will be traveling so your transactions will not be denied due to out of area transactions

Check out 1st Community FCU’s VISA Platinum credit card program with the following benefits to enhance your lifestyle:

    • NEW Temporarily “Lock and Unlock” your credit and/or debit cards with Card Control on our mobile app to prevent any unauthorized transactions.  For Commercial Accounts – this service is only available to those who have online access to the account.  Use this feature if your card is lost or stolen or just to manage access.  It’s Quick, FREE & Easy – you can do it while you are standing in line to pay.  Click Here for a short video on accessing this new service.
    • REWARDS Card – 1% Cash Back for every net dollar of retail sales.  This will be paid as a payment to your credit card in November of each year.  Your membership and credit card must be open and your card must be current and not over limit and all other accounts must be in good standing or you forfeit your rewards.
    • click here for the Credit Card Disclosure
    • No Annual Fee or Cash Advance Fee
    • Balance Transfer – one-time balance transfer promotional rate 2.95% APR*
    • Go to Rates after 12 months as LOW as 10.95% APR*
    • All 1CFCU Credit Card information is now linked to your account at the Credit Union and is available for viewing and making payments through our online or mobile banking and over the counter at any 1CFCU location
    • Credit Card statements will now be included as the first page of your monthly 1CFCU paper or eStatement
    • All Credit Card payment due dates are the 28th of the month
    • VISA Checkout– the easier, more secure way to shop online!
    • Omnishield eGuard– our 3D SECURE solution provides an extra layer of security for e-commerce transactions. This is a risk-based authentication process. All cardholders are automatically enrolled. Cardholders will receive instant notifications of suspicious activity.
    • Automatic Bill Updater – is a service that will provide card number and expiration date updates to merchants who maintain card records on their system, typically for recurring customer payments.  This will not work when your card is replaced due to fraud or loss and you have a totally new card number.  You will need to contact the service provider and provide them with your new card number, expiration date and security number.  Members have the option to opt out of this feature.
    • Convenient Payment Methods – 1st Community’s “Its Me 247” on-line or mobile banking, by mail, automatic payment or over the counter at the credit union
    • Introductory Rates 2.95% APR* on purchases made in first 12 months after account opening
    • Go to Rates after 12 months as LOW as 10.95% APR*
    • EMV chip-enabled
    • Works with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay
    • Toll-Free # for 1st Community FCU is on the back of your card to check your balance or verify payments or transactions on your card or through “Its Me 247” online or mobile banking.
    • EMV chip-enabled

 * Annual Percentage Rate – further details on features above will be provided in credit card disclosures